Management Leadership Development Consultant Vacancy-Job Ref: ACSYUNRWA/2508/202397


Management Leadership Development Consultant Vacancy-Job Ref: ACSYUNRWA/2508/202397
Damascus (Syria)
Result of Service
1. Clear feedback for the MCDI participants on the key findings from their 360 assessments;
2. Based on the findings from the 360 assessments and discussions with the MCDI participant and supervisors, identify areas for further development;
3. Development of an actionable work plan for the participant around skills development;
4. Provide guidance and coaching to the participant on areas of development;
5. Conduct coaching conversations with the participants as scheduled;
6. Monitoring of progress against work plan and providing support to the participants as they apply the learning;
7. Facilitate in person and online workshops for the MCDI team;
8. Organise and facilitate small group meetings (online);
9. Provide briefings and submit progress report to the Director, UNRWA, Syria field office at regular intervals;
10. At the end of the programme, provide an overall feedback to the MCDI participants and suggest on ways forward to continue learning and skills development
Work Location
Home Based
Expected duration
8 months
Duties and Responsibilities
Working under the supervision of the Director, UNRWA Syria Field Office, the Consultant will undertake the following tasks.
1. Review the 360 assessment reports (rated by peers, supervisors, subordinates, other informants) of the MCDI participants, discuss the key findings (qualiticative and quantitative) and interpretation of the feedback provided by the raters.
2. Based on the feedback by the raters, discuss with the MCDI participants, their supervisor (trilateral conversation) and identify key areas of management development. Support in development of an individual management skills development plan.
3. The individual management skills development plan to include components such as specific training/ skill building needs, how these will be supported, timeline and indicators. As much as possible, the participants are expected to apply the learning at UNRWA’s work, to keep the learnings practical.
4. Organise bilateral management coaching sessions with the MCDI participants, in an interval of 3-4 weeks each. The coaching sessions to be guided by the learning needs of the participants and with clear action/ follow up plans.
5. Support MCDI participants with practical guidance around self-learning, and peer learning. As necessary, provide relevant reading materials (from experiences within the humanitarian/ development sector and published information) to the participants around specific areas of management development.
6. Facilitate at least two group workshops (in Beirut or in Damascus) for the team for an opportunity for group interactions and engagement. This will be decided based on availability of resources for the purpose.
7. Facilitate interaction and experience sharing between the participants (eg. small groups of members pursuing skill development on similar areas of competence).
8. Hold meetings with the DUA and DDUAs on a monthly basis to provide feedback on the process and flag any areas of support needed. Submit a monthly progress repost on the task carried out.
9. At the end of the coaching process, undertake individual sessions with the participants, provide them with feedback and recommendations for future areas of focus.
10. Provide a final report summarising the experience, learning and recommendations to the SFO management team, especially as there is a plan for continuation of the MCDI in phases, for other team members in SFO.
Qualifications/special skills
• Advance university degree from an accredited educational institution in human resource management, social sciences, or related field;
• Certificate in management/ leadership coaching from a recognized institution
• At least 08 years of progressive experience, working in a management/ leadership role with a a UN Organization, international NGO or similar organization, including working in international development/ humanitarian contexts, of which at least two years of relevant international experience outside of one own home country, a country of which the candidate has citizenship or maintaining permanent residence.
• Ability to work with multisectoral and remote teams and staying engaged.
• Demonstrable experience in management, leadership development for teams.
• Outstanding command of written and spoken English is required; Excellent writing and
editing/reviewing skills;
• Demonstrated skills in human resource development, mentoring, and coaching of senior staff
Excellent command of written and spoken English and ability to communicate effectively.
Additional Information
Desirable Qualifications:
• Knowledge of Arabic a distinct advantage
• Knowledge of and interest in the issues of Palestine refugees
Conditions of Services:
• The duration of the consultancy, which is home-based, and for a period of 8 months.
• A table of deliverables/outputs, time schedule and payment schedule will be developed.
• Working schedule in Syria- Sunday to Thursday, 8 AM to 3 PM).
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